Promotion Custom panels

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Questo potrebbe essere il tuo quadro, grazie all'offerta che ti proponiamo sui nostri Quadri!

This could be your picture, thanks to the fantastic promotion on customized panels!

This more than a genuine article is a notification, to remind everyone what are the pictures offered by Outsideprint and to talk about the great offer that we propose!

Before we discuss the object and then we will reveal the offer: printed on canvas, resistant fabric in cotton or of kapa plast, a sheet of lightweight plastic, with cover layers of cardboard cellulose coated with plastic and internally composed of polyurethane foam will print it on with printers Mutho and eco solvent ink with almost anything!

Until the fifth day of April, all the paintings will be sold at 30 euro! Run yourself and click below to find everything you need cuio about the paintings!


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