Promotion on Stickers calspestabili

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Eccoti un piccolo esempio di come utilizzare un adesivo calpestabile!

Here's a small example of how to use a sticker walkable!

And’ always a pleasure to talk adhesives walkable, especially when they are in promotion! We'll talk about is the promotion of the product itself doing so treat all at 360 °!

The promotion consists of a discount of 50% the total surface area of ​​the adhesive!

The product however is the most simple but useful at the same time you can imagine: è un vinile monomerico stampato con le nostri stampanti della mutho e inchiostro eco solvent con laminazione calpestabile 125 gr. resistant walkway.

If you are also interested in these products or simply need an advertising campaign by road or you're just curious, Click below, You'll find everything you need about the net floor adhesives and promotion!


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