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Questo é un ottimo esempio per i nostri Quadri: i tre protagonisti del famoso film Easy Rider.

This is a good example for our pictures: the three main characters of the famous movie Easy Rider.

The art is a serious matter and we too Outsideprint we deal with our pictures, che però illustrano anche altri argomenti!

Cars and motorbikes and vintage details, depictions of urban and glimpses of some of the best-known cities in the world, celebrity movie, vintage advertising of Coca-Cola, Heroes comics, evocative images of sports and many other images not categorized!

Tutto questo viene stampato grazie alle stampanti giapponesi Mutho in HD su telo di cotone naturale trattato (texture similar to canvas picture “canvas”) con telaio in legno da 30x20mm e su Kapa Plast, light panel with polyurethane foam core quality!

In addition to the arguments of the press, the dimensions are very different, by a small 15×15 a giant 140×300!

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