ROLL-UP model 20

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Questo é un ottimo esempio di Roll-up elettrico!

This is an excellent example of Roll-up electric!

Guarda l'effetto che i Roll Up Modell 20 riescono a rendere!

Look at the effect that the Roll Up Modell 20 can make!

Today we will talk about a very exciting, exhibitors Special Roll-Up Model 20!

It is one sided display, with aluminum base and with reel for quick attachment of, complete with carry bag. And’ perfect for all those occasions where there is need for exhibition space, but there is no availability of space and time sufficient for the preparation of a more complicated and elaborate some exposure!

If you also organizes trade fairs we participate, or you need a simple way to get exhibition space, economic and functional or simply are curious, Click below, You'll find everything you need for all your needs!


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