In this time of global emergency Coronavirus, working from home is one of the best alternatives for not giving a sharp brake to the entire business productivity.

But, obviously, There are some productive activities that can not entirely stop the distribution of its services, even if it carried out necessarily in contact with the public.

For these types of activities we planned on doing one Plexiglass shield, also said parafiato counter.

The protective screen allows the smooth running of activities in grocery stores, pharmacy, shops and medical offices that still have to continue to conduct its business taking all the necessary precautions.

Shape and dimensions of the protective shield in Plexiglass

In order to meet all the requirements due to the application of the precautionary rules, the product is entirely personalizzabile.

The screen is available in two different versions:

· The model BASIC

· The model DELUXE

The basic model It is structured so simple: It provides one Plexiglass shield of the transparent shiny front of 5mm thickness and two support legs.

The deluxe model, more than the basic model, It is also provided with side gates to allow a total protection from all sides. The screen base is equipped with double-sided adhesive to ensure a greater stability to the bearing surface.

Both the protective screens are produced with rounded corners and polished edge.

Hygiene and safety first

In addition to being a particularly resistant material, durable and versatile, Plexiglas is known to be easily cleanable.

Infatti, in accordance with the HACCP regulations, It is suitable to protect food, merchandise and people from micro droplets of saliva, veicolatrici of viruses and bacteria.

for daily cleaning the protective shield in Plexiglass recommend detergents containing alcohol or denatured ethyl alcohol 70% to pass with a sterile cloth on the whole surface.

Printing and Personalization

On our E-Commerce you can customize the protective shield themselves choosing the measures of the base and the height and between the base model and deluxe model.

You can also add your own logo printed on a white sticker pvc, which will be applied directly on the product before delivery.

To purchase your shield directly from our site E-Commerce you just a click

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