If you want to save, uses direct printing 360dpi

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esempio di cartello con stampa diretta 360dpi

example placard with direct printing 360dpi

Direct printing 360dpi, although of low definition, è un ottimo strumento utilizzato soprattutto per campagne pubblicitarie dove viene richiesta una grande tiratura con dei tempi ristretti.

Printing is carried out especially on rigid and very resistant to shocks such as polypropylene, material, frame hive, economico e disponibile in diverse misure e spessori.

Or the kapa plast, that as the first is very light , shockproof, Available in different sizes and in two thicknesses, but with a price somewhat 'higher.

If you also do not want to bake an advertising campaign impact, but the financial resources are limited, choose direct printing 360dpi, is the right medium for you!

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