On several occasions it may happen to have the need to create one digital printing on rigid supports.

Infatti, to create advertising or exhibition material, it is often printed on billboards, insignia, panels and many other rigid supports.

In this article we will see what are the types of rigid supports on which Outsideprint prints and the various needs that these go to satisfy in the advertising and promotional field..

Forex printing

A rigid support highly valued by our clients is Forex.

Forex is an expanded PVC plastic material; light and resistant, particularly suitable for direct printing, because thanks to its smooth and homogeneous surface the printing yield is optimal.

Product configuration:

On our E-Commerce site you can configure your Forex panel according to the following specifications

  • Material in 3 different thicknesses: Forex 3mm, Forex 5mm, Forex 10mm.
  • With direct printing or with PVC adhesive
  • Single sided printing, the same front and back or different front and back.
  • Cutting mode: Squared, Shaped, Carved
  • With the addition of various accessories for fixing

We recommend the choice of this rigid support for the realization of panels for internal use, for printing signs for advertising purposes, exhibition and promotional. It is also suitable for creating panels for interior fittings such as corporate graphics prints: loghi, motti, photo.

Forex is weather resistant and completely waterproof. However, we recommend careful use in the case of heat sources.

Printing on Plexiglas

The best known alternative to glass is the Plexiglas.

Plexiglas is one of the most consumed plastic materials in the world. Unlike glass, it is unbreakable and very flexible.

Its resistance to atmospheric agents makes it an excellent rigid support for both indoor and outdoor signs.

Product configuration:

On our E-Commerce site you can configure your own Plexiglas panel according to the following specifications:

  • Material in 3 different thicknesses: Plexiglas trasparente 3mm, Transparent Plexiglas 5mm, Transparent Plexiglas 10mm.
  • White print: none, opaque white, white selective
  • With or without polished edge
  • With the addition of various accessories for fixing

The printing on a Plexiglas panel guarantees a solid and elegant product, suitable for multiple uses, including outdoor.

In addition to printing on Plexiglas panel for signs, it is possible to make rectangular plates, quadrate, oval and circular; essential for the institutional image of your office, of your studio or company.

  • Little advice: do not clean the Plexiglas panel with aggressive alcohol-based products: we recommend using only soap and water.

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In the next articles we will analyze what other products we can make for your digital printing on rigid supports.

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