Direct printing 360 DPI for external campaigns

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Ottimo esempio di pannello adatto alla

Excellent example of panel suitable for direct printing 360 DPI for external campaigns!

Today we will talk to the Direct Print 360 DPI for external campaigns, one of the most requested services Outsideprint!

With the ability to print on corrugated material with thickness ranging from 3 the 10 millimeters and in thicknesses of Kapa Plast 5 and 10 mm!

Il primo é un pannello rigido con struttura alveolare, lightweight and economical material while the second, the Kapa Plast is a lightweight cardboard covered with plastic and cellulose-based polyurethane foam core with quality!

Both are lucky enough to have a low resolution, but a very low price, which makes them perfect for massive marketing campaigns!

If you also have a desire to print at low prices for advertising campaigns demanding, Click below, you'll find everything you need!


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