Direct printing 360 DPI

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Questo é come stampiamo i pannelli in Polionda oppure Kapaplast con la Stampa diretta 360 dpi.

This is how we print panels in corrugated or Kapaplast with Direct Print 360 dpi.

Need an effective advertising campaign but economic and do not know how to do it? We Outsideprint we've got for you: Direct Print 360 DPI!

Print very cheap but low quality, is perfect for short campaigns or for simple advertising campaign, where there is only need a written or a suggestion!

This type of printing is generally used in the external and printed on two types of material: Polionda, lightweight and economical material formed by a rigid panel with honeycomb structure and Kapa Plast formed from a lightweight board covered with cardboard plasticized cellulose-based polyurethane foam core with quality.

What aspects? Go to our e-shop and look for the panel Direct printing 360 DPI for you!

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