In our blog we often talk about high definition printing.

Today we will enter drill down to analyze what it means and how it measures.

What is High Definition or HD?

Thanks to the development of new technologies, printing reaches a very high definition level which allows to obtain surprising results also through the use of digital print.

Per high definition printing (HD – high definition – in English) we basically mean the high quality of the printed image given by the optimized result of the file resolution and printer technology.

The units of measurement that are used to measure the resolution quality of an image are: DPI (dots per inch), PPI (pixels per inch), LPI (lines per inch).

To us, for the print, mainly concern PPE.

This specific unit of measurement, infatti, gives us the amount of ink points (dots) that the printer can deposit in one inch (inch).

The higher the DPI value, the more the print will be in high definition.

The result of a high definition print will be surprisingly realistic, great for those who need to print high quality promotional material to take care of their image to perfection.

High definition from small to large format on

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