Stand Multifunction

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Questo é uno stand multifunzione e già da qui si possono capire le infinite possibilità che questo riesce ad offrire!

This is a stand-One and already from here you can see the endless possibilities this can offer!

Today we will talk about a particular exhibitor, a product is not cheap but of excellent quality and the endless possibilities exhibition! We are talking of the stands Multifunction, un espositore monofacciale o bifacciale con sistema di pali allungabili a secondo della stampa da esporre e con piedi di sostegno.

Possible uses can be: wall advertising, partition, Mobile showcase temporary or permanent, transportable for events or exhibitions, or much much more!

If you are also curious of these multifunctional stand and would like to have an advertising campaign focused on these topics, or simply have an interest in the product, Click below, you will have all the information concerning!


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