Font history: Helvetica

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L‘Helvetica, one of the most popular typefaces, or fonts in the world, It has a very particular history.
created in 1957 brainchild of Eduard Hoffmann and from the hand of Max Miedinger, It is a sans serif font, without thanks that is, without the end portion of a character that serves to guide the more smoothly reading.
From this foundry in Munchenstein Hoffman to save his company from imminent bankruptcy assignment Miedinger, a former employee of the Haas to draw a set of characters to add to their line: first was called Neue Haas Grotesk name later changed to Helvetica, Latin Helvetia, Switzerland.
It was immediately revolution: the popularity of the Swiss character did breach the advertising agencies which immediately sold this new style to their customers allowing dissemination unmatched: corporate brands, signage for transportation systems, art prints and countless other fields!
from 1989 This character is the font ufficiiale for signage of New York City, from 1984 It is one of the Macintosh system fonts and over the years has been used by huge brands like Intel, Microsoft, Panasonic and many more including our local FIAT whose logo is written in Helvetica.
If you also want to make inroads as did the Helvetica over the years “60, I ran su and printing something!


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