Banner laminate economical to 280 grams

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Questo è un piccolo esempio della qualità degli striscioni laminati economici da 280 grammi, clicca sotto per vedere tutto quello di cui hai bisogno!

This is a small example of the quality of the banners rolled flights from 280 grams, Click below to see everything you need!

Looking for a life somewhere between the quality, savings and the ability to make us an advertising campaign? You've found your product, lo Striscione laminato economico da 280 grams!

Printed on laminated low quality but also by the low price with our printers Mutho and eco-solvent ink, This type of banner thanks to its light weight and its weight is perfect for virtually any type of installation or advertising campaign!

If you are also interested in these things, Click below, troverai tutto quello che vuoi a proposito degli Striscioni laminati economici da 280 grams!



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