Banner TNT

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Ecco l'aspetto di uno striscione TnT Laccato

Here is the appearance of a banner TnT Lacquered

Today we will talk about a particular type of banner, TNT Lacquered, usato quasi esclusivamente durante le manifestazioni sportive!

Used in gyms or sports facilities to give special reports temporary, for advertising during the rally driving and cycling or during football matches, volleyball, basket, etc..

The abbreviation stands for TNT “non-woven fabric” and serves to indicate the particular sensation to the touch that this type of banner from, seeming actually fabric and to indicate its incredible lightness! Economic and versatile, is perfect for both a large number of small banners is for one or more banners up to 50 meters, maximum size of the rolls, clearly not sealable!

Now that you know what actually the TNT Lacquered, perché non Clicchi qua sotto? Surely we will print your banner of Outsideprint ideal!



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