PVC banners: many possible uses?

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The PVC banners I am a very versatile communication support because they adapt to different coverage solutions in outdoor environments,it.
The realization of advertising campaigns on a support such as PVC banner provides many benefits, both from the point of view of resistance that the quality: outdoor, sunlight and wind will not compromise the high print quality that ensures brilliant colors and durable.

But when they are used in PVC banners?

1. Striscioni per fiere e manifestazioni

The striscioni in pvc sono comodi per pubblicizzare un’attività durante fiere, events, mercatini.
Thanks to the eyelets can be hung to decorate the stand, barriers or gates. La funzionalità del PVC makes that, una volta esaurita la necessita di esporre lo striscione, you can remove by folding or rolling it in a simple way.
The banners are used very well, eg, during sports competitions to fill the barricades or in sports arenas from sponsors of the teams.



2. Banners as scaffolding cover

By using the PVC you can be made of advertising banners as scaffolding cover. The banners can be made of PVC by different thickness and with different finishes depending on use. Since this is a very resistant material it can be applied in height, such as on scaffolding, without the risk that it breaks due to inclement weather or wind. In Addition To, choosing the finish microforato mesh you will have a banner featuring a surface drilling that will eliminate the sail effect caused by wind.



3. Hedges of entire buildings or seabed

Un altro esempio di utilizzo dello striscione in PVC è quello della copertura di intere facciate di palazzi per nascondere le impalcature, preservare i lavori di rifacimento e allo stesso tempo armonizzare la facciata del palazzo con quelle vicine.
In questo caso le coperture sono realizzate in diverse sezioni che vengono poi unite tra loro. In this case you can realize advertising covers but also decorative, a seconda delle esigenze.



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