Banners coated

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Qui si possono notare alcune delle finiture disponibili per gli striscioni spalmati!

Here you can see some of the finishes available for the banners coated!

Today we will discuss banners, but not to any but those banners coated!

Primarily fall into two categories quite different between them: the banner coated laminate 450 grams, with different finishes, and with the ability to print a single piece 260×1000 and in addition with heat sealing and that from 520 grams coated fireproof, it also available with different finishes and with the same printing capabilities of the other!

Both have the possibility of having eyelets both aluminum and polycarbonate at the same price and have a very short preparation time: less than a week!

What aspects? Click below to see if one of our banners coated for you!


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