Cotton Fabric 270 GR

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Questa immagine mostra il Tessuto cotone 270 Gr in tutta la sua qualità e raffinatezza!

This image shows the cotton fabric 270 Gr in all its quality and refinement!

Has 5000 year history and is used for one of the most popular clothing in the world, what is that? Clearly the cotton! Noi di Outsiderpint ti proponiamo il Tessuto cotone da 270 Gr.

Material well finest plastic, is used all those times when there is the need to have a background, a booth or partition walls of high quality and, view the ability to print up to 1440x1440p, the possibilities of use are endless!

The finishes in which it is possible to prepare the cotton fabric are two: the cheapest, cutting to live, with the variant with the slots and that of higher quality, with the seam on the perimeter, with the possibility of having the slots above and below or to the left and right!

If you also need a quality printing on a quality fabric, go to our e-shop, the Cotton Fabric 270 Gr is what he does for you!

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