A little 'privacy with the adhesive satin gray

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esempio di applicazione dell'adesivo grigio satinato

example of application of the adhesive satin gray

L’adesivo grigio satinato si presenta come una pellicola semitrasparente con un effetto sabbiato che lascia passare la luce senza ma che rende indefinita la visione dalle pari, thus creating an effect of privacy.

Is used on flat surfaces such as glass and transparent pllexiglass for the realization of vetrofanie, Covers windows, partition walls.. Thanks

Despite being a very simple adhesive, gives the place a very stylish look, as well as for the type of material, because you can create logos and written sagomandoli as you prefer.

As for the application of all adhesives, we advise you to apply it on a clean, smooth surface, so as to avoid unpleasant imperfections in backlight.

If you also need a bit 'of privacy, buy l 'adhesive satin gray!! Do not be disappointed!!

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