One use of adhesives monomeric

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interno di un negozio dove si può vedere uno degli utilizzi degli adesivi monomerici

inside of a store where you can see one of the uses of adhesives monomeric

We have already spoken of the adhesives monomeric, ma oggi parleremo nel particolare di uno dei suoi utilizzi.

As we have already said, it is a vinyl sided adhesive, generally white on the outside, above which you go to print our customization and then you can cut as you prefer.

Within stores , surely we may have seen many exhibitors, billboards with pictures and written…okay, behind those pictures is hiding a print on vinyl monomer which is then applied on rigid media such as corrugated material, forex, plexiglass, glass, the alluminio..e strategically placed to attract the customer's eye. But this is just one of the many uses of adhesives monomeric, but even if you did you realize that it can serve you, go to our e-shop and make the purchase.

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