Window sticker applied externally

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Questa é soltanto una delle tantissime possibilità che le nostre Vetrofanie personalizzate applicate dall'esternooffrono!

This is only one of many possibilities that our Custom Window Decals applied dall'esternooffrono!

This morning we will discuss the topic more completely sold on our virtual store, decals applied from the outside!

Printed with our printers Mutho with eco solvent ink on vinyl adhesive pvc with the possibility of a colored background, white or transparent. And’ perfetto per tutte le superfici piane e specificatamente per applicazioni esterne.

You should choose a glossy or matte lamination as easy installation without damaging the press HD also protects from UV rays.

If you are also curious and would like to put on your showcase a sticker applied externally, Click below, we will offer all the services you need to customize your showcase thanks to our products!


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