Window sticker applied from the inside

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Questo é l'effetto che si riesce ad ottenere grazie alle Vetrofanie applicate dall’interno stampa speculare con finitura trasparente!

This is the effect that you can not get through the Window Decals applied from the inside!

Given the great success, we decided to talk again applied from the inside of the Window. Do not be afraid if opening the package of your order you will find your printed image mirror. PVC transparent adhesive, is applicable on your smooth surface inside, so that none can ruin it and scrape it off. You will not have to do is position yourself, for example from the inside of your shop or your car, and apply. From the outside, you will not see more than your customization, this time in the right way. But the real peculiarity is precisely the transparency of this material, that despite being colored, allows you to print your images or written, letting in the light and allowing you to see anyway out.

Cosa aspetti ad ordinare la tua vetrofania applicata dall’interno, Click below!


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