Decals applied from the outside

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Questa é soltanto una delle tantissime possibilità che le nostre Vetrofanie personalizzate applicate dall'esternooffrono!

This is only one of many possibilities that our Window personalized externally applied offer!

Today we will talk about a very particular, Product absolute bestseller on our ecommerce, Window Decals externally applied!

Printed with our best machines Mutho of PVC adhesive with the possibility of a colored background, white or clear it all with the highest quality eco solvent ink. And’ perfect for all flat surfaces, and is specific to the external application.

Si consiglia di scegliere una plastificazione lucida o opaca in quanto facilita l’installazione evitando di danneggiare la stampa in altissima definizione ed inoltre protegge dai raggi uv.

In addition to everything, This product is also currently promoting and costs half! What aspects, Click below for more information!



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