You know them to apply the stickers decals for flat surfaces?

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pellicola trasparente (applicaation tape) su adesivi prespaziati per superfici piane

transparent film (application tape) on stickers decals for flat surfaces

Adhesive decals for flat surfaces means a colored vinyl (unprinted) carved in the shape of your logo or writing that you want to achieve. In the upper part of the vinyl is applied to a transparent film, l’application tape, that will allow you to make your life easier in the application on the surface, maintaining proper distances between letters or shapes carved.

We begin by telling you that the surface on which we must apply our adhesive, must be smooth, dry clean. We advise you to lean on a plane, flip the adhesive so that the writing remains mirror in front of you and lift the silicone paper basically white, making sure that vinyl carved remains attached to application tape. At this point you will have in hand an adhesive film with your written in mirror image, ready to be applied,,it,Place the vinyl on the surface to be decorated and slowly,,it,started to press with the aid of a spatula,,it,Before removing the plastic wrap make sure your written acceded good on the surface,,it,If what you're looking for your advertising is an ideal poster for external short-lived but by the excellent colors and the measures contained,,it,the poster 100,,it,blue back is the perfect product for you,,it,It is ideal to be exposed to the elements being anti-pulping with an average length ranging from,,it,we will check it for free and if problems arise,,it. Appoggiate il vinile sulla superficie da decorare e lentamente, possibly a bit 'at a time, iniziate a premere aiutandovi con una spatolina. Prima di rimuovere la pellicola trasparente assicuratevi che le vostre scritte abbiano aderito bene sulla superficie, without air bubbles or other. Now your customizations are applied!!!

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